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ROV Inspection

Oceana's ROVs are proven in the field of inspection, whether working on platforms doing GVI, NDT, Marine Growth Surveys or surveying pipeline using boom cameras and multibeam sonars.
Equipped with fibre-optic data links, the ROV can become an extension of your vessel sensor LAN, delivering images and data wherever they are needed.

ROV Survey Services

Whether conducting a quick pre-lay survey to ensure there are no obstacles to operations, or carrying out high resolution multibeam surveys, Oceana's Triton Xl ROVs provide a flexible, reliable and cost-effective solution

Wider Operating Windows

Oceana Subsea's A-Frame launched Triton XL ROVs enhance the operating window, in terms of weather limits, water depths and current handling capability. Triton XLs have a proven ability to carry a large payload, including cable trackers, multibeams, boom cameras, dredge pumps and other tools and sensors - and interface these simply and reliably.